5 Week Recap

LOOTers! What a crazy ride the last 5 weeks have been! Here is a snapshot of what has happened:

30MAY21 Launching DEX with 5 QUEST pools with 6 additional QUEST pools added in.

Approximately 3.6M TVL

27,181,097 LOOT in Circulation (pre burning)

1,142,230 LOOT Burned

Approximately 3.5M Market Cap

Full Road Map Disclosed: https://lootswapfinance.medium.com/lootswap-white-papers-roadmap-d48747fa69

LootSwap Team:

  • 1 Full time Dev
  • 5 collaborating developers
  • 10 Dungeon Masters (Moderators)
  • 3 Game Masters (Admins)
Carp, Bleght, ForeverHobbyist
  • Establishing the High Loot Council (13 current members)
  • 3 Guild Leaders (1 Intern Guild Leader)

Social Media

13 Medium Article Posts (14 including this one)

1319 Twitter Followers: https://twitter.com/lootswapfinance

23 Instagram Followers: https://www.instagram.com/lootswap_finance/ with 31 photos uploaded

3 Telegram Sticker Packs

4 Video AMAs

1 Harmony Community AMA

  • Spanish channel
  • Turkish channel
  • Guild Channels
  • Developer Coordination Channels
  • Geriatrics Gaming (113 members) — Guild : https://discord.gg/geeGXBXWjn

Website Milestones

LootSwap Analytics: https://analytics.lootswap.finance/home

LootSwap Alpha Website Launched: https://alpha.lootswap.finance/

The new version 2 interface for LootSwap was made to be faster, more optimized, to hold a better connection (less disconnects, yay!), and facilitate growth for the platform. This will be the foundation for everything else we have planned to integrate on the platform. While some are happy with what it looks like already, we are not satisfied and you will continue to see a unique-one of a kind DEX front end features as we roll out the full version.

Single Staking rewards in TESTING

Initial Quest Offerings in TESTING


4 Announced Guilds launching July

We auctioned off 2 Guilds with Guild Leaders burning approximately $7000 USD in value to create their yield farming platforms.

GG is a streaming-crypto platform that uses yield farming as a distribution model for the majority of their tokens. The other portion will largely be used for rewarding users for watching Twitch streams. You can read more about the project here:

GG tokens is paving a path in unknown territories. The streaming industry is so huge and can complement our goals so well, we can’t help to dream that GG is successful. Like all the guilds and projects, it is not without its risks. However, if they are successful they will not only bring new exposure to LootSwap or the Harmony Ecosystem, but they will bring new exposure to the Crypto Industry as a whole.

While unannounced, Teammate Tyler’s guild is looking to focus on entertainment and memes. You can find out more by joining the LootSwap Discord chat and joining the #teammatetyler-guild

A.U. Guild won the Twitter Guild Grant Giveaway. AU is building up to be a community driven project. AU has 3 Guild Grants that they are responsible for finding the best candidates. AU’s mission is to drive competitions, assist other guilds to be successful and to help suggest safer protocols for guilds to follow. While the Guild Tokenomics are still being finalized, you can read more about it here: https://universearbiter.medium.com/arbiter-universe-au-white-paper-11f4d9d637d1

The Arbiter’s Universe really is a community driven project that very well can replace a lot of LootSwap’s tasks. If AU gains the trust of LOOTers, then they will gain extra Guild Grants and they’ll make LootSwap guilds a better and safer place. If they are successful in their mission, to be a backer of AU is to help support the efforts of modularizing and decentralizing LootSwap more. Our expectation is that they will rise to the occasion and have an influence in every single GUILD across the platform.

The Orc Guild is the first “Leaderless Community Guild.” The Troll Guild has a unique role to pair tokens from BSC bridge to ETH bridge which will create Questing pools that do not have impermanent loss. You can read more about TROLL Guild here: https://lootswapfinance.medium.com/introducing-troll-guild-34ed139d8e84

The TROLL Guild plays an extremely unique and important role for LootSwap. Due to this, we expect to give TROLL Guild a little more support until we find a rise of a TROLL Lord that can take a seat on the High Loot Council. LootSwap will provide the TROLL guild NFTs and integrate TROLL tokens into the Adventurer Dungeon game. It is extremely likely that the TROLL Guild makes its way into the LootSwap TCG.

The Necromancer Guild is the second “Leaderless Community Guild.” The NECRO Guild has an unique mission to seek out tokens that were “rugged, scammed, exploited, or abandoned” and to “bring them back to life.” There are a couple ways the guild can accomplish this. You can read more about it here: https://lootswapfinance.medium.com/introducing-necromancer-guild-c97209e2ca6c

The exciting part about the Necromancer Guild is that they can seek out old communities in Ethereum or BSC and introduce a group of people to the Harmony Protocol/LootSwap. The hope is that through educating people to the Harmony Protocol, they can drive more adoption for the entire ecosystem and do it in a fun manner of airdropping tokens or through bringing some new excitement to some old coins.



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