Bard Guild Introduction


The Bard Guild will have a 5% deposit fee which will be used for BARD buy backs/burns and development.


For our distribution model, we will be following LootSwap’s Tokenomics with a few tweaks. The minting max cap will be 10,000,000 BARD tokens.

Lockup rewards

There will be no lock up rewards.


Bard guild will start out at x10 multiplier and will reduce by x1 multiplier every week until x1 multiplier.


While we wish to make money with licensing artwork, we do have short-range goals for driving utility to the BARD token. Joining the LootSwap alliance, we will be offering BARD Crates utilizing special artwork for guilds across the platform. Joining forces with the GUILDs, we will offer crates that will be stuffed to the brim with NFTs, Achievements, and Guild Tokens! How will it work?

  • 25% of the funds raised will be used to pay the Artists
  • 50% of the funds raised will be used to buy back and burn BARD tokens


20% of the BARD tokens minted will be allocated into 4 treasuries:

  • 6% Marketing Treasury — Building awareness for Bard’s Guild
  • 4% Partnerships/Liquidity Treasury — Primarily used for NFT related crypto projects
  • 4% Gambling Treasury —Funding BARD Crates and other high risk-high reward platforms.



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