Competition Block

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5 min readAug 13, 2021


For our first’s week of NFTs we have the Competition Block. The Competition Block consists of NFTs based on sports and we couldn’t be happier with them. The Master NFT collection are a very limited edition set that will be cross game platforms within the LootSwap ecosystem. That means, by owning this NFT, you are entitled to play with these NFTs potentially in multiple games! Here’s the breakdown:

Common: 4 mints, individual chance 1.8333% chance (patched to 0.9167%)
Rare: 3 mints, individual chance 1.6667% chance (patched to 0.8333%)
Epic: 2 mints, individual chance 1.5% chance (patched to .75%)
Legendary: 1 mint, chance at .8333% chance (patched to .4167%)

At launch, we added 1 of each NFT into the Loot Box which gave about 100% drop rate for the first NFTs. As more people buy the Loot Blocks and the rewards begin to deplete, the odds of getting no NFT becomes greater. We have been “topping off” the Loot Blocks but in order to stabilize the purchase/win ratio we have “patched” the percentages to half for new NFTs and have added double the amount of NFTs. This will keep Loot Blocks the maximum awesomeness between top offs!

You can check out the Competition Loot Block here:

Here is a quick reference:

NFT Contract: 0x9E8160b2ccb5335Bc4183277E46e87d97fe49542

You can view the google spreadsheet here: