Contracts Verified on Harmony Explorer!

We have been requesting for quite some time that Harmony enables users to verify the number of HODLers for HRC20 tokens and also verify contracts. The wait is over LOOTers! Thank you Harmony for getting both of these features out on the explorer! Harmonites can properly do their proper Due Diligence and double check contracts. Don’t understand code? That’s okay. One of the top common scams in yield farms is the migrator script. We’ve claimed that it isn’t in our code but now you can easily search for yourself to see that it doesn’t exist in LootSwap or LootSwap Guilds!

GG —


What’s the big deal? We’ve had some people try to minimize the importance of this. It’s a huge deal! In the crypto world, we say DYOR but there has been very FEW ways that users could properly do their research on projects. We have nothing to hide and so it is all out there for users to see! We encourage all other projects to utilize this awesome safety feature that Harmony has provided. As more projects pop up on Harmony, Harmonites should demand projects to verify their contracts to keep their fellow Harmonites safe.

Developers can verify their contracts here:


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