Introducing Troll Guild

The TROLL Guild


The Proposal?

Future of TROLL

Troll can definitely have its perks. As the first 100% pure community lead Yield Farm project on Harmony, the community will have full reigns to lead this project where they intend. However, providing such a critical role for LootSwap and the Harmony Protocol, TROLLers will have a supporting arm from LootSwap. LootSwap will provide the initial liquidity and will provide the initial artwork. Moving forward, TROLL Guild will have an advantage of entering into the future games for LootSwap. TROLLer guild will automatically be placed as an Official Partner of LootSwap and will have a designated spot on the High Loot Council. In the near future, TROLLers will have some options for gambling as well!


TROLLers will have some treasuries allocated to them. Pre-Launch, the new found TROLLer community is welcomed to participate in crafting up plans. While it is perfectly welcomed to BURN the development fund, active TROLLers can craft out some proposals.

Basic Tokenomics

Due to the High-Risk/High Reward of TROLLers. It is proposed that TROLL Guild will follow suit with LootSwap in Tokenomics.

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