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LootSwap is a multi-tier crypto project. At launch, LootSwap is a yield farming Decentralized Exchange (DEX). We are striving to blur the lines from DEXes and gaming with our extra emphasis on a gamification farming style. While initially there will be yield farming, this is not the end-state of the platform. We are using yield farming as a method to distribute LOOT tokens in a fair, decentralized way as we add a stake-to-earn NFTs and stake-to-play model.

If you are looking for more of the Tokenomics breakdown with smart contract addresses, check out: https://lootswapfinance.medium.com/lootswap-finance-tokenomics-and-resources-d185138d9867


Our farming pools, known as Quests, is where you can earn LOOT tokens by staking your liquidity pool tokens. We have chosen to distribute our tokens aggressively at launch in order to reward our early users and to distribute tokens for our events. Our Initial Quests will consist of the following options at launch:

ONE LOOT — From LootSwap DEX

ONE BUSD — from Binance Smart Chain

ONE BNB — from Binance Smart Chain

ONE ETH — from Ethereum

ONE WBTC — from Ethereum


We are here to have fun and try new things. Our focus on a fantasy-gaming theme will separate us from other DEXes and bring some utility to the network/crypto industry.


As part of our efforts to gamify and bring crypto to the gamer platform, we have crafted out a Dungeons section of our DEX. Dungeons will vary from pay to play to free to play games. Dungeons are not crafted for the faint of heart and only the bravest of adventurers will travel into the Dungeons! Dungeons are constructed as a high risk & high reward game play. Will you take up the mantle and rise to the challenge?


Forking off Pancakeswap’s Initial Farm Offerings, we are utilizing Initial Quest Offerings (IQO) on LootSwap. We think this is the most ideal way as a launchpad for projects within the platform. TRANSMOG The Transmog section will contain NFT collectibles that users can acquire for their profile.


LootSwap Guilds are a way to expand the network and involve the community in a deeper partnership. Guilds are a way for the community to participate and get rewarded for their efforts, regardless of their role. At launch, guilds will have a limited number of features but will level up over time as the platform expands. In order to launch a guild, users will have to spend LOOT tokens.

Level 1: Guild Tokens and Guild Quests

Aspiring Guild Leaders may spend LOOT tokens in order to create their own guild token and guild quest pools. Guilds by default will follow the same structure as LootSwap

Level 2: Initial Quest Offerings

We anticipate some of the early guilds will be launched without IQOs, however, this is a priority concept to implement this as part of the launchpad for the guilds.

Level 3: Achievements, NFTs, Profiles

Transmog Icon

Within the LootSwap ecosystem, we are building in some friendly competition. This will start shortly after we get a small handful of guilds through token buy backs/burns and airdrops. At a future date, guild members will be able to participate in guild achievements and purchase NFTs which will sync to their wallet address profile.


Users will have a wide range of Achievements on their profile. Profiles are linked to your Metamask account. We anticipate that this feature will be installed some time shortly after launch.


Governance is critical to any DeFi project, however governance will be installed by pieces. At launch, we will leave certain things to vote by Discord and/or Telegram and we will probably pursue utilizing some voting protocols that are established on the Harmony Network.


LootSwap has some massive goals in mind. In order to develop LootSwap with the roadmap in mind, 20% of the newly minted coins will be allocated into four different treasury funds. Fund Description


6% of the tokens minted will be used for development (grants/bounties/technology advancements).


6% of the tokens will be used for artwork/design and marketing.


4% will be used for community managers, liquidity, buy back/burns and generalized benefits.


4% will be used for the benefit for the Guilds.


Forking off the PitBreeder, users may stake their LOOT tokens in order to receive AutoLoot tokens. The PitBreeder, will periodically buy LOOT tokens from collecting fees from every liquidity pool across the DEX and reward users who stake LOOT tokens.


In the future, we may pay for an audit with the treasury fund. Until then, users should be cautious and consider LootSwap in a BETA phase and use it at their own risk.




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LootSwap Finance

LootSwap Finance

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