LootSwap Updates & More ~ Patch Notes 20210820

Loot Market

The Loot Market is in the final testing phases. The Loot Market will be our single staking rewards platform where users can stake LOOT (or other tokens) in order to receive a different token.

V2 Swaps

V2 Swaps has been a little more difficult to manage than we had originally anticipated. Functionality wise, it is almost complete! Users can add liquidity and swap however the routing for the swaps is the main hold up. Even on our V1, LootSwap ecosystem is very complex with all the guilds that the routing is not working as intended. We do not have an actual timeline on V2 routing, however the new V2 swaps/liquidity pools have a much stronger RPC connection and users will be able to benefit from the exchange!

NFTs, NFTs, and more NFTs!

For our second’s Loot Block of NFTs we have the Space Block!

The Space Block consists of NFTs from TROLLs in space to based on sports and we couldn’t be happier with them. The Master NFT collection are a very limited edition set that will be cross game platforms within the LootSwap ecosystem. That means, by owning this NFT, you are entitled to play with these NFTs potentially in multiple games! Here’s the breakdown:

Common: 4 mints per NFT
Rare: 3 mints per NFT
Epic: 2 mints per NFT
Legendary: 1 mint per NFT

Here is a quick reference:

You can check out the Competition Loot Block here:

You can also see the image in bigger detail below!

Bard Guild

Bard Punks is from our favorite NFT Guild, BARDs. BARD punks will be minted using BARD tokens which 100% of the fees will be sent to the DEAD address! Aside from that, Bard Guild has been working tirelessly on a BARD Marketplace which will utilize fees to burn BARD & LOOT tokens from every transaction! Users will be able to list their BARD Punk in the Bard Marketplace or utilize them in the Loot Blocks’ ecosystem!


Troll Guild has been actively working on expanding out their community guild. Here is a comment from Mr M. the Troll King

Currently being worked:
1.) Roughly 50 pieces of artwork to be used with our NFTs. Of which is a combination of characters, armor, weapons, accessories, Lore, spells, elementals
2.) Early stages of Kortstrid (Card Battle) design concepts, artwork, game board etc
3.) 2d Troll Platformer Game (Title Unannounced) on schedule to be released within the next 30 days. Leaderboard will be included for Troll Competitions
4.) 2d endless runner (Title Unannounced) on schedule for release within next 30 days Leaderboard will be included for Troll Competitions
5.) “Angry Trolls” game which will be a spin on Angry Birds. This also will have a Leaderboard which will be used for Competitions (30days ETA)
6.) Expansion of “Book of Trolls” Lore which will include a deeper look into not only the Origins of the Troll Factions but also the some of the other races on Crypton (Wizards, Humans, Sneks, Ravers, Apes)
7.) Governance Voting
8.) Merchandise store online for memorabilia, possible partnership with Waid Rave store online. (Q4–21-Q1–22)
-Mr M

Here are some teasers from the TROLL Guild

ExtraLife Token $LIFE

Last Week we saw our first pure HRC20 token launch on LootSwap, $LIFE token!

This is the second Charity Coin on Harmony Protocol which is focusing on gaming platforms for kids with cancer. You can read more about them here:

LootSwap provide some signers for the multisig-charity treasury in order to ensure the charity proceeds are actually used for charity. We’re very excited to work with Luna and see what comes next!

LootSwap Guild Application

The LootSwap Application is in! For 20,000 LOOT, users may launch their own Yield Farming platform on LootSwap. As more Guilds begin to roll out, it is important to note that Yield Farming is very High Risk & High Reward. It is essential that users do their own research and gage the level of risk that they are comfortable with. Community Guilds by nature are immune to Rug Pulls and migrator scripts, however, purchased guilds may have this risk if they are not set up with multi-sigs or burnt liquidity. And while not limited to rug pulls, there may be other means of losing money while investing in guilds.

To apply for your own guild, please use our application below or reach out to ForeverHobbyist or Carp on Telegram/Discord.


Cosmic Guild

The Cosmic Guild is our third purchased guild. They are entering into the Gaming ecosystem with their own games in mind! The great thing about Cosmic Guild is that they have already made a simple flash game! We have high expectations for the Cosmic guild and we are glad that they have chosen to launch their token through the LootSwap Ecosystem!

You can read more about it here:

After single staking, swaps, NFTs, what’s next?

  • Initial Quest Offerings (code complete, working on front end)
  • Working on first games (to be announced, code has initiated)
  • Small Website improvements
  • More Guilds

We will continue to launch guilds as people are interested in purchasing them by burning LOOT and/or launching some community guilds that are unique and add value. We have a couple more unannounced ones that will be coming in the near future.



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