The Loot Blocks Alliance

LootSwap Finance
3 min readJul 23, 2021

LootBlocks ($LBLOX) is a fun & decentralized project that brings an exciting spin on Loot Boxes into the Harmony Protocol. With our $LBLOX engine, any creator can create a box and fill it with HRC-20 tokens or HRC721 NFTs to share with the world! Users who purchase a mysterious crate, will randomly receive a prize based on parameters that the content creator has set. Being true to DeFi, any user on Harmony utilizing their Metamask account, can create their own Loot Blocks to share with the world! Our engine will handle the technical side so that content creators can focus on what really matters, designing fantastic artwork!


  • Creators will spend $LBLOX token in order to create a Loot Block.
  • LootBlock is a Loot Block on the blockchain
  • Each LootBlock creator has a unique page on our DAPP that corresponds to the creator’s Metamask wallet.
  • Loot Blocks can be created by anyone with $LBLOX. Content creators may fill their Loot Blocks with any HRC20 token and/or NFTs from a Metamask wallet
  • Creators designate the drop percentage per item when they add to the Loot Box.
  • Loot Blocks will become inactive when they are completely empty
  • Content Creators can remove or add additional NFTs or HRC20 tokens at any time
  • A LBLOX’s creator can set a ONE and LBLOX fee for users to purchase Loot Boxes.
  • Content Creators may collect purchasing fees at any time


  • We’ve developed the LBLOX token as a means of giving back to our early supporters.
  • The LBLOX token has been developed with a 5% burn from the opening/creation cost of all LootBlocks
  • Any user on our DAPP may buy Loot Blocks with $ONE or $LBLOX tokens to win a random reward from the LootBlock
  • Users who do not win an item will randomize a 1–50% refund of the LBLOX opening cost.
  • When a LootBlock is empty of rewards, it will be unopenable until the creator fills it.

LootSwap Alliance

Our code being decentralized and unique, has something special to offer the LootSwap ecosystem and the Harmony Protocol in its entirety. We’ve chosen to ally & partner with the LootSwap platform because our long term vision lines up with theirs. We will help bridge the gap and bring NFTs closer to the gaming industry.

Like LootSwap, LootBlocks is a long-term project. We have been working tirelessly to bring our project to market and couldn’t be happier with the project where it is at. We are also deflationary. Outside of the initial liquidity, No LBLOX will ever be minted. 5% of the LBLOX cost of every Lootblock will be burned. To the moon!

LBLOX Development

In our V2 of LBLOX, we will have even more features to include. For us, there are many different ways we can transform LBLOX and make it the best NFT Loot Block possible! Partnering with LootSwap long term, we believe we are establishing a win-win scenario for both LOOTers and LBLOXers.

LootSwap Note: We are very excited for this alliance with Loot Blocks. This “alliance” is much more in depth than a simple “partnership” slapped on a website. LootSwap is planning on fully integrating LBLOX within our platform for our future games and our website. Additionally, We will be offering Loot Blocks exclusively for the first 4 weeks. We have been preparing up to 400 unique NFTs/Achievements to add into these Loot Boxes! We will release 4, exclusive-limited time only Loot Blocks for users to engage and use the Loot Box system before LBLOX is released into the open market!