Updates, Updates & more Updates Patch Notes 20210726

LOOTers! In case you missed it! We have had a lot of updates in the past couple of weeks. So this update is simply a rehashing of what has happened:

Website V2!

Okay… Yes, V2 wasn’t fully done when we released it. However, with guilds exclusively launching on V2, it was time to get it out and focus on getting it to where it needed to be! And now V2 is almost completely done! Here’s what we’ve accomplished (you can see this on LootSwap Discord chat #patch-notes):
[X] New Background image optimized for LootSwap
[X] New Icons Optimized for sidebar
[X] Withdrawal fees do not show on V2
[x] Remove other wallet types from “connect wallet”
[x] Optimize APR Display
[X] Convert images to Vectors
[X] Connect to Metamask button top right is broken
[x] Clean up token list for official LootSwap tokens
[X] — If you generate a 404 error, you get a PCS logo. (found by Discord user KAC)
[X] — Bigger font-size for menu icons ref: feature-request by Discord user KAC
[x] ROI APRs not displaying correct rates
[x] Show Locked and Unlocked Rewards on Loot Quests
[x] Show total locked balance on home page
[x] Tooltips for LOOT Stats
[x] Remove Burnt coins from Circulating Supply and add back in Burnt coins to Total Supply.
[x] LOOT-ONE QUEST pool not displaying approximate $ value for harvest [x] Add DaVinci Token to token list
[x] feat: Troll guilds
[x] Build Guild’s Page
[x] Update GG Token [image]
[x] Update GG<>LOOT Quest image
[x] mobile fixes patch 1: legacy
[x] mobile fixes patch 1: lootswap.finance
[x] Update Guild icons and quest images
[x]- loot swap words on main page replace with log banner
[x]- color adjustment on the sorting
[x]- lock balance was showing 6 decimals have it show 2
[x] Multiplier on QUESTs renamed to Level
[x] Optimize QUEST page to separate Quests in LIST view (dark theme complete)
[x] Replace Multiplier on Sort box with Level
[x] Update all images for the TROLL guild

Are we done with V2 integration? Absolutely not!

These are our next 6 big priorities:

  • Integrate V2 Swaps
  • Integrate V2 Pools
  • Integrate AutoLooter directly into V2
  • Integrate TVL across the entire DEX into V2 home page
  • Launch Single Staking Rewards (LOOT Marketplace)
  • Launch Initial Quest Offerings (IQOs)

Aside from that, here are some minor updates we are working on:

[] Show slashing fees on the DEX
[] Replace V2 claim all button with Legacy claim all button
[] Break down LP per Quest on the Questing Page
[] Under LOOT Questing Rewards, Integrate your LOOT breakdown from Legacy Website
[] LOOT and ONE header tracker integrated onto V2
[] Incorporate “Your LOOT breakdown” from legacy website into V2 Home page. Specifically showing LOOT Lockup rewards
[] Remove treasuries from circulating supply
[] Build Expected APR for AutoLooter
[] Add Halving Timer that shows current emissions and how many blocks left for next halving

Have some other ideas for V2 improvements?

Let us know in Discord #Feature Request or on Telegram and we will work on improving your user experience!


We’ve launched 2 new GUILDs:
Geriatrics Gaming ($GG)

GG is a utility coin with their own development path. They are using their guild as a distribution model to release $GG tokens to help incentives users to add into Liquidity. They have their own dApp build and users may use $GG to tip select Twitch Streamers and in the future they will have a rewards system built in that gives users $GG tokens for watching Twitch Streams.

Troll Guild

Our second guild that launched was the TROLL Guild. Focusing on pairings from the BSC Bridge to ETH bridge, users may yield farm with minimal Impermeant Loss! TROLLs play an important role role which helps bring some extra utility for the platform as users can swap assets from one bridge to the other to gain the appropriate asset.



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